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Linear Actuators

Actuators simplify the design and construction of systems by combining separate components, including Linear Motion Guides, drive system (ball screw or belt), and base frame, into one part.
This simplification results in a very compact design as well as significant cost savings. Actuators are a very easy way to quickly build up multi-axis systems, streamlining design time, and allowing to focus on performance instead of implementation.
Linear Actuators

Ball Screw Drive - Compact Actuator with Stepper Motor (ES/EC)

Actuator Model ES/EC is offered in two types. You can select either slider or cylinder type according to your service conditions.

Ball Screw Drive-Compact, High-Rigidity Actuator (KR)

Because of its integral-structure inner block consisting of a highly rigid outer rail with a U-shaped cross section, LM Guide units on both side faces and a Ball Screw unit in the center, LM Guide Actuator model KR achieves a highly rigid and highly accurate actuator in a minimal space.

Ball Screw Drive-Compact Actuator (VLA)

Actuator Model VLA is offered in two types. You can select either type according to your service conditions.

Drive System Selectable, Universal Actuator (GL-N)

Lightweight, high rigidity aluminum base with Caged Ball LM Guides has been utilized for the guide portion. A screw or belt options are available for the drive system. In addition, Caged Ball LM Guides and QZ Lubricator for the Ball Screw has been utilized to provide a long-term maintenance free actuator.

Belt Drive-High Speed, Long Stroke Actuator (TY)

Optimal for high speed and long stroke with long term maintenance-free operation

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