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For 70 Gram Grease
(All Nozzles Included)
MG70 has a slit window, allowing users to check the remaining amount of grease. For use with the 70 gram bellows style grease cartridge. Replacement of the cartridge can be done without smirching your hand.
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Attributes Part Number Unit Price Quantity Days to Ship Include Grease Item Total
Days to Ship: 1 - 3 days
Model Max discharge pressure Discharge rate Weight
MPa cc/stroke g
MG70 19.6 0.6 480
Type Dimensions Supported models
Type N LM Guide SSR15, SHS15, SR15, HSR12, HSR15, CSR15 HRW17, GSR15, RSR15, HCR12, HCR15, models with grease nipple PB107 or PB1021B attached
Cam Follower CF, CFN, CFH
(models must have grease nipple option attached)
Rod End PHS5 to 22, POS8 to 22
Type P LM Guide HSR8, HSR10, HRW12, HRW14, RSR12
Cam Follower CF-AB
Type L LM Guide HSR8, HSR10, HRW12, HRW14, RSR12
Type H LM Guide Models with grease nipple M6F or PT1/8 attached
Ball screw All
(models must have grease nipple option attached)
Rod End PHS25, PHS30, POS25, POS30
Dedicated nozzle type U To attach Types N, P, and L nozzles to the MG70
Types P and L are also capable of greasing less accessible areas by dispensing grease on the raceway (ball path of LM guides, ball screws, etc.). For more detailed specifications, please download the Product Catalog with the link in the Downloads section on this page.