Cam Followers

The Cam Follower is a compact bearing with a high-rigidity shaft and a built-in needle bearing. Most suitable as a guide roller for cam mechanisms and linear motion of automated machines and dedicated machines.
Cam Followers
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Installation Method

Because there is an eccentricity of 0.25 to 1.0 mm between the mounting shaft of the stud and the stud head, slight positioning adjustments can easily be made simply by rotating the stud. This eliminates the need to align the cam follower with the cam groove or perform precision machining on the mounting hole, greatly reducing the time and labor required for machining and assembly.

This Cam Follower contains extremely fine needle rollers. The outer ring external diameter is extremely small relative to the stud diameter, allowing a compact design.

For easy mounting, the stud is equipped with a slot enabling it to be secured with a screw. This greatly reduces the time and labor required for installation and is ideal for applications where there is no space to secure the stud with a nut.

Basically the same as the basic type Cam Follower, this model is provided with tapped holes for piping on the stud head and the thread. It is optimal for locations where an integrated piping for greasing is required.

On the inside, this Cam Follower model is equipped with thrust-load ball bearings. This effectively prevents friction and wear on the slip surface when a thrust load occurs due to faulty installation or the like.