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Two Rows
Multiple rows of rollers are arranged at 90 degree
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Attributes Part Number Unit Price Quantity Days to Ship Item Total
Width (mm): 30
Days to Ship: 2 - 3 weeks*
Width (mm): 35
Days to Ship: 2 - 3 weeks*
Width (mm): 45
Days to Ship: 2 - 3 weeks*
Width (mm): 50
Days to Ship: 2 - 3 weeks*
Width (mm): 22.4
Days to Ship: 2 - 3 weeks*
Width (mm): 36
Days to Ship: 2 - 3 weeks*
Width (mm): 43.5
Days to Ship: 2 - 3 weeks*
Width (mm): 70
Days to Ship: 2 - 3 weeks*
Model No. Main dimensions Roller dimensions No.ofrollersZ Basic load rating Mass
Widthb  b1 Lengthl LengthB DiameterDa PitchP DynamicC StaticC0
mm mm mm mm mm mm kN kN g
For more detailed specifications, please download the Product Catalog with the link in the Downloads section of this product page.
Model Size*1 Length*1
FTW 5050 - 250L
FTW Various Length in millimeters then "L"
Note 1: see the Specifications tab for standard sizes and lengths

Example of combinations

90°V surface Flat surface
Model No. Roller diameterDa Model No. Roller diameterDa
FTW 4030V 2.828 FT 4030 4
FTW 4030V 2.828 FT 4035 4
FTW 5035V 3.535 FT 5038 5
FTW 5035V 3.535 FT 5043 5
FTW 5045 5 FT 10060V 7.071
FTW 5050 5 FT 10060V 7.071
FTW 10070V 7.071 FT 10080 10
Note) The roller diameter (Da) for model numbers containing symbol V at the end represents the value 1/√2 times that of types for the same model number with no symbol. The diameter of the roller to be combined with 90°V surface will be 1/√2 times that of the roller on the flat surface. For example, when using model FT4035 (roller diameter: Ø4) on the flat surface, use model FTW4030V (roller diameter: Ø2.828) on the V surface. Performance of the Flat Roller is significantly affected by the contact state of the upper and lower raceways. You can check the fit before installing the Flat Roller by designing the raceways as indicated in the figure above.