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LM Strokes

The LM Stroke is a linear guide of a type with limited strokes that can provide rolling guidance for rotational and reciprocating motion. With a very small frictional coefficient, the LM Stroke provides a compact, highly precise guiding mechanism at an inexpensive price.
LM Strokes
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Basic Type (ST)

Model ST has a ball cage and balls both incorporated into a precision-ground cylindrical nut. The balls are arranged in zigzags so as to evenly receive a load. The ball cage is a drilled cage made of a light alloy with high rigidity, and is capable of high-speed motion. A thrust ring and a snap ring are installed on both sides of the inner surface of the nut to prevent the ball cage from overshooting. This structure allows rotational motion, reciprocal motion and complex motion with a small friction coefficient. Model ST has a stroke length up to twice the range within which the ball cage can travel.

  1. ST-B
    Medium Load
    Shorter Stroke

Miniature Stroke (MST)

Model MST consists of an ST shaft, ball cage and nut. These components can freely be combined according to the application. The sectional shape is small, the clearance is minimal and the motion is extremely light and smooth.

Die-Setting Ball Cage

With models KS and BS, a large number of precision steel balls (sphericity in mutual difference: 0.0005 mm) compliant with JIS B 1501 are incorporated in a lightweight, highly rigid ball cage. The balls are arranged along the circumference of the ball cage in spirals so that the ball raceways do not overlap with each other. It enables these models to be used over a long period without wear and to demonstrate high durability.

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