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Cross Roller Rings

With the Cross-Roller Ring, cylindrical rollers are arranged crosswise, with each roller perpendicular to the adjacent roller, in a 90゜V groove, separated from each other by a spacer retainer. This design allows just single bearing to receive loads in all directions including, radial, axial and moment loads. Since the Cross-Roller Ring achieves high rigidity despite the minimum possible dimensions of the inner and outer rings, it is optimal for applications such as joints and swiveling units of industrial robots, swiveling tables of machining centers, rotary units of manipulators, precision rotary tables, medical equipment, measuring instruments and IC manufacturing machines.
Cross Roller Rings
  1. RU
    With Mounting Holes
    Integrated Inner/Outer Ring
    (Outer Dia. 70 - 295 mm)
  2. RAU
    Compact Type
    Integrated Inner/Outer Ring
    (Outer Dia. 21 - 226 mm)
  3. RA-C
    Thin Type
    Single Split Outer Ring
    (Outer Dia. 50 - 226 mm)
  1. RB
    Basic Type
    Separable Outer Ring
    (Outer Dia. 36 - 600 mm)
  2. RA
    Thin Type
    Separable Outer Ring
    (Outer Dia. 80 - 226 mm)
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