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Medium Load-Inner Rail Detachable
(Stroke 327 - 734 mm)
A double-slide type that combines two units of model FBL 35S front-to-front. Releasing the automatic free disconnection spring attached on the inner rail allows the inner rail to be pulled out. When folded, the locked state with the disconnect spring can automatically be released with force above a certain level in the folding direction. It is also equipped with a pull-lock mechanism that functions when the slide rail is fully extended.
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Attributes Part Number Unit Price Quantity Days to Ship Item Total
Stroke (mm): 327
Permissible Load per Pair (N): 623
Days to Ship: 2 - 3 weeks*
Stroke (mm): 378
Permissible Load per Pair (N): 586
Days to Ship: 2 - 3 weeks*
Stroke (mm): 429
Permissible Load per Pair (N): 555
Days to Ship: 2 - 3 weeks*
Stroke (mm): 480
Permissible Load per Pair (N): 516
Days to Ship: 2 - 3 weeks*
Stroke (mm): 530
Permissible Load per Pair (N): 475
Days to Ship: 2 - 3 weeks*
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Stroke (mm): 532
Permissible Load per Pair (N): 413
Days to Ship: 2 - 3 weeks*
Stroke (mm): 683
Permissible Load per Pair (N): 382
Days to Ship: 2 - 3 weeks*
Stroke (mm): 734
Permissible Load per Pair (N): 355
Days to Ship: 2 - 3 weeks*
Rail lengthL(±0.8) StrokeS(±3) Mounting hole dimensions Mounting holes Permissibleload Mass
A B C D E F Drawer rail Cabinet rail
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm N/pair kg/pair
Note: The Permissible Load and Mass each indicate when used as a pair of 2 units. For more detailed specifications, please download the Product Catalog with the link in the Downloads section of this product page.
Model Size Type Length*1
FBL 51 H + 660L
FBL 27 S : Single slide Length in millimeters then "L"
  35 D : Double slide for 27 and 35 sizes
  51 E : Compact double slide
  56 E-P14 : E type plus inner rail lock/release spring
  G-P14 : Double slide with two S type attached front-to-front plus inner rail lock/release spring
  H : Double slide for 51 and 56 sizes
Note 1: see the Specifications tab for standard lengths