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Stepper Driver Controller for ES/EC Actuator
Stepper Drive Controller for ES/EC Actuator
For Single Axis/Position Type
Use PC setup tool D-STEP to access many useful functions
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Basic Specifications Input power supply 24V DC ±10% (Up to 2.5A)
Control Control axis Single shaft
Motor type Stepper motor (28mm, 35mm, 42mm)
Control method Feedback control (Semi-closed loop)
Position detection method Incremental
Acceleration/deceleration method Trapezoid acceleration
Program Function mode 64-position External unit input 256-position 512-position Solenoid mode 1 Solenoid mode 2
Step data count 64 points 64 points 256 points 512 points 7 points 3 points
Data input/output method PC setup tool D-STEP or Digital operator TDO
Input/output Dedicated input/output Input point Input point 16 points (Start, Return to home position, Pause, Reset, Servo ON, Specify step number, etc.)1
Outpoint point Output point 16 points (Return to home position completed, In position, Servo ready, Alarm, Battery alarm, etc.)1
Input/output power supply 24V DC ±10% (Should be prepared by user)
Communication Serial communication Connected device PC setup tool D-STEP or Digital operator TDO
Communication method RS–485
Port count Mini DIN × 1
Usage conditions Usage conditions 0 to 40°C (No freezing)/−20 to 85°C (No freezing)
Operating humidity/Storage humidity 90% RH or below (No condensation)
Ambient condition Indoor (Free from direct sunlight, corrosive gas, flammable gas, oil mist, dust, water, oil and chemicals)
General specifications Protective function Overload, overvoltage, excessive position deviation, software limit over error, etc.
Accessories Power supply connector × 1
I/O connector × 1
Options (sold separately) Digital operator TDO (Cable length 5 m)
I/O cable 3m, 5m, and 10m
PC communication cable (Mini DIN to USB)
Outer dimensions 32mm (W) × 192.2mm (H) × 77.6mm (D)
Weight 300g or less
Note 1: Varies depending on function mode.
For more detailed specifications, please download the Product Catalog with the link in the Downloads section of this product page.
Model Current Design symbol Type Actuator used Ball screw lead used Home position Brake
TSC - 015 B - MOD - ES3 - 06 - D
TSC 015: 1.5A B MOD: Mode switching type ES3 06: 6mm D: Motor side No symbol: No brake
ES4 12: 12mm

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